Shannon Weist, LCSW, EdS, PMH-C, IMH-EⓇ

Welcome to Maternally Mindful Counseling Center located in Canton, GA . We provide telehealth counseling to women  across the state of Georgia!  My name is Shannon Weist and I am a clinical social worker with advanced training in both maternal mental health (or perinatal mental health) and infant mental health.

Often times people are confused by what perinatal or infant mental health means. The term perinatal refers to the path to conception, during pregnancy, and postpartum. Infant mental health focuses on the social and emotional needs of the baby until age three and a key component of how an infant/toddler learns to thrive is through the attachment and bonding process with their caregiver. I am both a certified perinatal mental health specialist through Postpartum Support International and an infant mental health endorsed professional through the Georgia Alliance for Infant Mental Health. 

Working with women who have fertility challenges or perinatal mood and/or anxiety disorders is my passion. As women, I think we often feel the pressure to strive for perfection and have a hard time seeking help when we need it. I commend you on taking the first step by checking out our website and we would be honored to walk side by side with you on the road to wellness.

Whether you are struggling with the ups and downs of your fertility journey, are worried about whether or not you will be a good mother, or are dealing with all of the “What If’s” of postpartum, I am here to offer a supportive listening ear.

In addition to my work in maternal and infant mental health, I also enjoy helping women navigate life changes such as perimenopause/menopause, perfectionism, relationship concerns, boundary issues, and life transitions. 

Thank you so much for considering our services here at Maternally Mindful Counseling Center!

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