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    Vitality by Kimberly Ann Johnson
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Doula Support

Looking for doula support during pregnancy or postpartum? Please consider reaching out to our friends at North Atlanta Birth Services. They serve Cherokee and Cobb County mamas!

Traditional Doula Package:

Initial consultation

A team of two certified labor doulas

(2) prenatal visits

Birth planning workbook and template

Access to online breastfeeding course

From time of hire through 12 weeks postpartum, unlimited email, phone, text support

Available 24/7 between 38-42 weeks with unlimited email, phone, text support 

Continuous in-person support during your labor and birth

Initial breastfeeding support immediately following the birth

(1) postpartum visit

Informational resources on pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and breastfeeding.

The client’s investment is $1,800

Full Doula Package:

Includes everything in the Traditional Birth Doula Package plus:

Your Birth Your Way (online self-paced Lamaze childbirth education)

Newborn Care Class (3-4 hour class offered in-person monthly)

Postpartum Planning Class (online self-paced class)

The client’s investment is $2,100


We also offer both of these packages + 40 hours of in person Postpartum Doula Support as a combined packages for families who know they want birth and postpartum support. The investment for the

Traditional Birth and Postpartum Doula Package is $3,600

and the Full Birth and Postpartum Doula Package is $3,900.

These packages roughly allow the client to be serves 2-3x a week for about a month, which helps parents ease into things with support.


Classes and offerings:

Childbirth Education:

1. Your Birth Your Way– online self-paced videos, various recourses, and birth preferences workbook

2. Home Birth Prep Class: Sunday March 5, Sunday April 23, Sunday June 11

Newborn Education:

1. Group Newborn Classes: Monday March 6, Monday April 10, Monday May 8 (tentatively scheduled)

Postpartum Planning Class:

1. Postpartum Planning Class: Online self-paced videos and postpartum planning workbook

Amanda’s Lactation Cookies:

1. Call/ text Amanda: 678-677-3034

Rachael’s Podcast

1.  Aligned Birth Podcast

Maternally Mindful
Counseling Center, LLC

Serving women across the State of Georgia via telehealth sessions.



3395 Sixes Road, Suite 2202
Canton, GA 30114