Pregnancy is typically a time that is celebrated as expecting parents, family and friends all are excited and are preparing for a little bundle of joy to enter the world. However pregnant mothers often have a myriad of emotions and thoughts associated with pregnancy. Thoughts may come up such as, “What if I don’t bond with my baby?” or “What if I am not a good mom?”. Especially for first time mothers, we may feel some inadequacy around knowing exactly what our baby will need. Pregnancy is also a period of time where past trauma can resurface. We become very aware of the experiences that we have had and want to try our best to make sure that we protect our babies from the things we endured.

Please know that these are all things that we can work through in the therapeutic environment. You CAN and WILL be an amazing mom and the fact that you are already contemplating all of these things tells me that you are reflective and willing to put your best foot forward into your transition to motherhood.